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Name:Kitty Pryde
Birthdate:Aug 17

Name: Katherine 'Kitty' Pryde
Alias: Shadowcat
Age: 23
Canon/OC: Canon

Power: Corporeal Intangibility, which grants her the ability to phase through solid matter; e.g. walls, people, the ground, etc. Whilst she's in the process of phasing, its not possible to touch her and she has shown signs of being immune to the effects of telepathy at this time. Also, as she phases, Kitty doesn't walk on surfaces, she interacts with the surrounding molecules, making it seem as if she is walking on air.

Limitations: Some materials, including adamantium, prove to have a counter effect on Kitty's powers, often leaving her disoriented or even in pain after passing through them. Magic or magical beings can also harm her, regardless of whether she is corporial or not.

History: Kitty grew up in Northbrook, an affluent area outside Chicago -- utterly normally suburban, with her utterly normal parents. Her parents were shocked to discover how different their "little kitten" was, and in the beginning they were in total denial. When Professor X offered to help Kitty and displayed his other students, the Prydes were utterly horrified and turned down the Professor. But after seeing the X-Men in action, the Pryde family did an about-face. Kitty then moved into Xavier's school and joined the X-Men. She has remained there ever since.

Personality: Kitty’s personality is based very much off that of Evolution!Kitty, making her bubbly, friendly, outgoing and an odd mixture of confident and shy. She is easily affected by nerves and quite easily frightened, unless the situation demands bravery, in which case she is very capable of putting on a strong appearance to get the job done. Kitty is compassionate and hates seeing people upset or hurt and will always see the best in everyone until there’s no possible way to do so. She will always have hope that, that can change.

Mun and muse over the age of 18. Kitty is unfamiliar with the dragon Lockheed. While I'm not opposed to playing with this muse, I am not familiar with this particular canon further than what I've read online. Icons do not belong to me and are from unless stated otherwise. I do not own Kitty Pryde or Emma Roberts who is her portrayer. Information gathered from here and here

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